In the building sector, where quality security and professionalism are essential and basic, Diamantech has been able to excel for these very features and is an appreciated and rooted business in our region founded more than 30 years ago by Silvano Coccoli:

"We are a service company and we gained knowledge of innovative materilas and expertise developed in their application, we working with professionals, technicians and experts in all fields to give to our customers a servici al over the field in order to care in detail every need”.

We have always had clear guidelines: “Our working method is based on a fast schedule, operating with safety and good organization, reliable quotations by serious forecast analysis”.  We like precision and feel outstanding on the market “because Diamantech operates according to a fine art with top execution care, so that nothing is left to chance. Every working step follows a precise procedure, starting from the building site preparation to its dismantlement. We strictly follow this guideline not to dissipate efforts, in order to get the maximum advantage for the minimum cost”.

Moreover, our company cooperates with experts and qualified professionals who can help the customer also in the difficult step of planning. We have been carrying on this working plan more and more successfully, following a clear scheme: “We want to offer our customers a complete service assuring excellent results.

lts also in the most complicated cases because we always want to respond suitably”. Our reliability comes from a united group that is motivated to reach the wished goal, turning even the most difficult or particular request into a challenge and a project to carry out enthusiastically.

We fulfil this goal tank to our know-how and using the most innovative systems in the building sector and not only: our professionalism, experience, enterprise and perseverance allowed us to work day by day with passion and commitment.