Building demolition has been a process more and more linked to a precise schedule and method and less left to chance. 

Traditional demolition process implied the use of outdated tools causing several problems: harmful tremors inside the structure, longer schedule and consequent increasing costs especially when working on big vertical structures.

The presence of tremors slows down operators’ efficiency and requires more staff to dispose larger quantities of waste material.

Controlled demolition, instead, uses water-cooled diamond tools that cut and drill steel concrete, allow to plan the work and to dispose waste material.

Among the various materials used in controlled demolition process, a key role is played by diamond that has replaced carbide for its economical and technical features. 

The most remarkable advantages are: fast operations, absence of dust and vibrations, precision that doesn’t require wall finishing, reduced noise to limit acoustic pollution.

This technology is appreciated in the cutting of steel concrete, beams, walls, piles.

We can use this system with several materials: marble, granite, bricks, mix and compounds for many applications: controller demolition of steel concrete structures, building of rooms, doors and windows, cutting of walls, beams, piles, slab  floors, stairs, street carpets, airport tracks, bridges,floors, pipes, dams, caveaux, chimneys.

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