Research and development

NEW DRILLING SYSTEM (Exclusive patent Diamantech)
Continuous coring with cooling of the tool only with reverse circulation of fluids and direct suction with the total recovery of the perforated material and the automatic cleaning of the borehole
To perform coring with this system it is achieved (after various versions) a prototype machine which has, as part propulsive, a high-performance motor with reduced consumption of electric energy which uses, for all the moving parts (including the diamond head), a special cooling system in a closed cycle and a suction system which is also in a closed cycle without dispersions of powders in the environment resulting in greater healthiness of the place of work.
In this last conceived and patented system entirely, developed in Diamantech laboratory, is not used the water but a specific fluid appropriately controlled, that totally eliminating the huge consumption of water usually employed in the perforations, thus avoid the chemical physical phenomena produced by the contact of the water with the mortar of the masonry and thus safeguarding an increasingly valuable resource and essential for life of living beings.
This system performs drilling with extreme precision both in direction and in diameter without impact or vibration through stones such as marble, granite, natural stone, concrete and reinforced concrete and all materials normally used in construction without any limit. Designed to perform long perforations for the consolidation of the buildings in elevation it is able to accurately advance also in inhomogeneous materials up to about 25/30 meters in any direction.
The diameters for which the system has been studied, in the most frequently used applications, ranging from a minimum of 40mm. To a maximum of 80mm.
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